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What does it look like to place no limits on the Rice experience?

Thanks to the Moody Foundation, Rice students will have access to a broad range of experiences beyond the classroom, spanning summer research, internships, civic leadership programs, advanced STEM preparation, and so much more.

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Curiosity Unbound

  • Elizabeth Lee Moody International Fund in the Humanities and the Arts

  • Elizabeth Lee Moody Junior Professorship

  • Elizabeth Lee Moody Undergraduate Research Fellowships in the Humanities and the Arts

Rice students deserve every opportunity to expand their frontiers and put their creativity and curiosity to the test. Thanks to three dynamic funds, each named after Rice trustee and alumna Elizabeth Lee Moody ’14, students will be able to expand their horizons through immersive civic, cultural and research experiences.

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A Holistic View

  • Ross Rankin Moody Civic Engagement, Student Success and Global Leadership Fund

Rice students want to connect with the broader world — including on campus, where they are part of a diverse and inclusive student body; in Houston, where they engage with one of the most demographically diverse urban cities in the world, and globally, where they can gain invaluable perspective and knowledge. Thanks to the Moody Fund, students can pursue ambitious civic leadership roles and global experiences.

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A Gateway to Impact

  • The Frances Anne Moody-Dahlberg Gateway Program in the Social Sciences

Equipped with a dynamic academic experience, Rice students in the social sciences are eager to make a difference and tackle big societal challenges. Thanks to the Moody Fund, they will have a community of support to help them channel their abilities and passions into meaningful pursuits and careers after graduation. Areas of support include professional practica, conference travel, internships and undergraduate research.

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Ambition Rewarded

  • The Robert L. Moody, Sr. Fund for Undergraduate Business Students

Rice’s new undergraduate business major provides a robust foundation in leadership and business fundamentals. With new funding from the Moody Fund, students will build on this foundation with experiences that enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills, preparing them to be the leaders they are meant to be.

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Pathways to Learning

  • Russell Shearn Moody Pathway to Research in the Natural Sciences

Rice students in the natural sciences engage in meaningful research experiences with real-world consequences. From investigating the genetic underpinnings of epilepsy, to interning at the world’s largest medical center, to expanding our understanding of biomolecules, they build the scientific knowledge and critical thinking skills to become leaders. With the Moody Fund, more students will engage in life-transforming research alongside faculty at Rice and in the Texas Medical Center.

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Competitive Excellence

  • Allan Watkins Matthews Fund in Baseball

Rice baseball players bring incredible talent, intellect and competitive spirit to the Rice community and represent a deep tradition of competitive excellence. With new funding from the Moody Foundation, these student-athletes will have the support they need to optimize their performance academically and athletically.

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A Branch of Support

  • The Ann McLeod Moody Fund for Student Wellbeing

Known for its “culture of care,” Rice strives to foster a supportive environment where students can pursue their ambitions in a community of respect, integrity and wellbeing. The Moody Fund will help address urgent needs such as group counseling services, upgrading appointment scheduling systems, adding staff support on weekends and adding personnel who work with specific groups of students with special needs.

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Beyond the Hedges

  • Irwin M. "Buddy" Herz Community Outreach, Leadership and Engagement Fund

Rice’s relationship with Houston, a diverse city with global connections, is one of its greatest assets – and the Moody Fund is ensuring that students can leverage this relationship to serve, learn and lead. The fund supports initiatives like a speaker series with local and international thought leaders to campus and an internship program that allows students to serve the community in positions beyond the hedges.

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Setting the Pace

  • The Bevan/Warren Fund in Track/Cross Country

The women’s and men’s cross country and track and field teams have been setting the pace for excellence with stellar student-athletes and high-caliber coaching. Thanks to this Moody Fund, named after legendary track and field coaches Jim Bevan and Joe Warren, they will have a sustained source of support for equipment purchases and travel expenses to the most competitive meets, including on the summer circuit.

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