A Holistic View

Rice students want to be connected to the broader world — including on campus, where they are part of a diverse and inclusive student body; in Houston, where they engage with one of the most demographically diverse urban cities in the world, and globally, where they can gain invaluable perspective and knowledge.


  • Civic Engagement, Student Success and Global Leadership Fund

    The Ross Rankin Moody Civic Engagement, Student Success and Global Leadership Fund allows students to pursue ambitious civic leadership roles through an urban immersion program that introduces students to principles of civic leadership and key social issues; supports a global fellows program designed to help undergraduates achieve their academic goals while engaging in global experiences; and promotes student success through various routes, including an academic bridge program for low-income and first-generation students.

Rice Student

“Global travel introduced me to people and ideas that changed the way I think, the way I problem-solve and how I think about the future. Providing global and civic-focused experiences to the talented students of Rice University is an exciting and purposeful investment in the leaders of tomorrow.”


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Ross Moody, a member of the Moody Foundation’s Board of Trustees, is a graduate of both the University of Texas and Harvard University, and is the CEO and chairman of the board of National Western Life Group, Inc. In addition to serving as the chairman of the board of American National Insurance Company, Ross is active on the boards of the Transitional Learning Center, the Moody Endowment and the Moody College of Communication at the University of Texas. Ross sincerely values education and the environment and has led the Foundation in the creation of the Generation Moody Education Initiative and on major public space initiatives in Austin.

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