The Heart of the Rice Experience

The Rice experience encourages students to be curious, courageous and bold in seizing every opportunity to activate their full potential. Soon, the Moody Center for Student Life and Opportunity, supported by a transformational lead gift from the Moody Foundation and funding from the Brown Foundation, will serve as a beacon for student activities on campus and a crucial element of students’ engagement with the broader Rice community, Houston and the world.

The Future of Education at Rice

Rice students are multi-faceted and highly engaged, and extracurricular learning is just as important to them as the classroom experience. With spaces for a wider range of mentoring and advising services, creative endeavors, student activities, lectures, performance spaces, and multicultural events, the new student center will enable undergraduate and graduate students to broaden their experiences in ways that will activate their potential and empower their success throughout their lives.

Moody Idea Night

Student volunteering

Expanding Opportunities — and Access

As Rice continues its 20% expansion of the student body by fall 2025, the Moody Center for Student Life and Opportunity will play a vital role in expanding opportunities to all of its students, connecting them with the city of Houston and encouraging them to engage with the community. Located centrally on campus, the center will serve as a gathering space for students from all backgrounds, as well as host programs like student cultural shows and house offices such as the Center for Civic Leadership and the Multicultural Center.

A Focal Point for Engagement

Inclusive, open and outward-looking, the new Moody Center for Student Life and Opportunity will replace the existing Rice Memorial Center (RMC), becoming a new focal point for the central quadrangle. The new facility will include a variety of event spaces, multicultural center, dining options and more spaces for students, faculty, staff and friends to connect.

Outdoor campus

“This investment is supporting much more than just a building. We’re investing in every student, so they have access to pursue any endeavor whether it’s leadership, artistic, athletic, global or more.”


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